Don’t be shy – afraid

Most of the new programmers who’re new into this field are usually concerned about their information and knowledge about programming and the concepts. I, have been a part of this community where people; usually with no knowledge on language, are acting like they’ve mastered the skills and are already the perfect programmers.

They try to act like programming was the first thing they ever did, even before the po-po ca-ca; ewww! No one did that, usually I get to hear a lot from friends, some speciall friends and buddies that they’re perfect in this thing, they hacked this, they cracked that software, they successfully sent a bug to that and all that.

But, guys listen up! This is not a race to prove yourself. I don’t even know why and when did I change myself and became an optimist of the computing industry and the divine software programmer. But, yes I am a good guy and I believe that the new thing that you do, you learn, you test or you show off is nothing to smile or dance for. You’ve got a lot of new things in front of you, to prove yourself at, to prove that you’ve got enough guts to prove your perfection in every stage.

A master is not the one who can write the software application with first attempt, he is not the one who can crack a software, neither is the one who can easily hack into his neighbour’s Wi-fi connection and nor is the one who can hash the password of the friend – ewww, a programmer is never a criminal.

I can’t afford to live a life where I am never going to see an error again. I still love those nights when I pulled my hairs in agression when a simple “System.NullReferenceException” made me stay awake entire night and understand and fix the error. That taste, that feeling is just perfection and no other feeling can even match it. Feeling of getting an error in your programming is the feeling of having those masalas added to your chicken – hmmm, yummy!

A master is the one, who gets to learn from his mistakes, who is not afraid to make a mistake even if that causes a havoc in his life, those mistakes make him understand what programming is what he needs to do what happens when he does what and all other such concepts. A master can never be a pessimist, that is why mostly people don’t get to this stage and it is never about the fame – we all are after. Once fame gets in your head you can never show your best and your skills will start to wither away. You can try pissing yourself off – run for fame, it will run away, run for your self show your best, fame will come for you, searching like a dead zombie searching for flesh.

A programmer can never think of anything bad, he is the one who is responsible for a good computing world – for a good environment for people to come and sit together share their views assets and others. If criminals would start to create internet and other technology assets there won’t be anything left at all to smile at – to have our faith in. We build programs, not for fame, we build it because we want to, we start a new framework and foundation because we want to help our fellows get more sleep at night, not to get a chance to come on the television to tell our cell phone number to the public – specially the women. Do think about your identity first, computer programming is not a field for fame or money. We are a family, don’t call us a community, it is a family, where elders are respected, juniors are taught and everyone loves everyone! There is no offense, no hate and just a happy and peacefull environment – untill people who love fame enter.


Software to convert Numbers from one base to another

I have just developed a software that converts the number system from one base to another base. It was developed using C# and XAML. Windows Presentation Foundation model was the main thing to thank for the development of the Graphical User Interfact. The Software requries .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio to compile. Feel free to build, compile and share the software with others.

The GUI includes three basic controls for better handling the Software and the RunTime.

  1. Input Control
    For getting the value from the User that has to be converted.
  2. ComboBox Control
    For controlling the type of the initial base of the number. This also settles down the software to work accurately.
  3. Button
    Well, this run the execution of the math.

This the the program at all.

You can get the values from each of the number system base into all other 3 types of number system base.

Feel free to get it, share it! Don’t forget to +1 the source code as a thanks.

From GitHub, from MSDN sample gallery.

What is it to be a Software Engineer | Atleast for me!

I always find my friends shouting out and feeling proud for being a Software engineer; whether they’re or not a software engineer. Sometimes I get sick of this fucked up kinda way of speech. Because they don’t even know what its like to be a Software engineer, or what we call a Programmer in Pakistan. Actually this term is old now, and we should start using the innovative term ‘Software Developer’. It looks neat and clean and somewhat sexy!

However, the topic was. What is it like to be a software developer? 

Actually it is the most fucked up thing to be in the whole of the employment careers history. When you’re a Software engineer, you’re not the admin of the world or even yourself. Your the person on whom everyone is depending. Not in a way that they breathe on your permission. But in a way that they order you to do work for them.

I have a little knowledge of some programming languages. So, my friends and colleagues and family are always looking for me to do their coding work. This is what it feels like to be a developer

  1. It feels like you don’t have a life.
  2. It feels like no one gives a fuck about your products, your softwares. All they care about is their work being done!
  3. No one praises you for learning or creating a new plugin. They care about is being provided with a plugin that they need at the moment. 
    I remember, when I created a Virtual Keyboard, no one patted on my back or gave me a thumbs up. Because they weren’t in a need of it. But when I created a messaging app, to punch back an annoying friend. They for the very first time accepted me as a Software Developer! (Wow, no really a Wow!).
  4. I feel like I am trapped in my own world, and people are talking in the form of 01101001; I can’t understand what they’re saying! 😀
  5. I feel like what I’m trying to do, can change the way people used to do work before that plugin or software.

So, I just want to tell my friends that being a software developer isn’t a badge or a medal that you can wear and show off. It is a hell job. You can’t even imagine how much a person’s life is disturbed in becoming a Developer. How much a person’s paradigm is shifted to the verge of going insane. How much a person misses the way an ordinary person spends his time with his friends and family. 

Please, let Software Developers live in their own way and their own Kingdom! Don’t even try to enter it without their consent. They’ll code the fuck out of you bitches!

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