New year in approach!

Many people have been talking about this new trend, this new baby-year that is about to come has been on lips of many young girls, and hearts of women! But who knows how is it going to be, diabolic, parodigal, or what else would it be? I am not going to say the same that people have been saying, like, “Happy new year – 2015!” well this is the simplest, many have even said, “Good bye 2014, hello 2015!” that made 2014 cry, I can feel it.

What I am here to say, is that, this 2014 was not bad… it finally made us realize our faults and our gaping holes in our systems. Think of it like, the 1st January 2014, people around the world were saying “May this year bring harmony and peace to all of your!” and what were we even doing? Most of us, were developing weapons, writing theoretical bombs and most of us were trying to perform our own ritual to make our God happy, to make sure we’re having a true┬áreligion, obviously a lot of true religions. So, how would we even believe that our year would bring peace and harmony. “Pen is mightier than sword”, how would it be mightier, when it is trying to write alogrithm to create a bomb?

2015, I have no blame for you, I know you’re going to be a next year for us to focus on our own goal and what we were created for. 2014, you’ve been really harsh on us. I know, it was also our fault, human is to err, no, human is to err and blame others. Hopefully, when we err this time we won’t blame others instead we would change our own self. Finally, “Happy new year fellows!” may you have a great year, to celebrate your life, to prove yourself, to do what you want and to bring peace and harmony! No pun intended.


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