If you are on this page chances are that you are in a rush to contact me. I usually do not get in touch with people no matter what is the chapter they are trying to reach me for. Let me filter out a few ways to contact me for you to be able to get response from me. 🙂

Programming related

If you are trying to contact me relative to some programming topic, no matter help, work, job or other similar programming-related topic. I won’t be interested in it. I am just a learner, trying to help others who are learning in the same manner I was.

Have a question?

If you are having a problem with your code, you should not contact me (unless I am the author of API) instead try to contact other developers and experts. Or even better, you should contact the owner of the product and their team would help you in a better way.


If you are having questions about my APIs, my source codes and if they don’t work. I force you to comment under the post. This way, I would be able to see the problem and fix it. It would also be able to help you (as to get solution), me (to know where I missed smashing a bug) and other readers (if someone else has the same problem he would know how to fix it by seeing the post on my blog). You should not, in this case, contact other developers as they might not have knowledge of how API works. You should comment under the post, leave a message and I will check into the problem and get back to you if I have to.

Other APIs and products

If you are having questions about other APIs, and products that I have used then you should try using comminities and forums. They have excellent team of answers, who love to answer your questions. Proudly saying, I am a part of such great communities and I enjoy answering to questions on those forums. Try any of the forums below,

  1. CodeProjectAsk a question
  2. C# CornerAsk a question
  3. MSDN ForumsAsk a question

Experts there would be able to help you in a better way!

Work opportunities

I am not available for work or jobs, but I do look forward to a small-time (but long term) project. If you are interested in hiring, send me a message we can settle ourselves for a cup of coffee someday.

Open source project holders

If you are an open-source project owner, developer or a team member for an open source project developer team. I would love to be a guide for you and provide knowledge and experience that I have. Surely, drop me a message and I will look into how to get settled.


If purpose of contact is not related to programming in any way then you should try to stay straight-forward about your subject and contact me on my Facebook page or send me a tweet at @afzaalvirgoboy and I would see if that interests me.

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan.


Hey, leave a comment! I love to read and reply to them.

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