New year in approach!

Many people have been talking about this new trend, this new baby-year that is about to come has been on lips of many young girls, and hearts of women! But who knows how is it going to be, diabolic, parodigal, or what else would it be? I am not going to say the same that people have been saying, like, “Happy new year – 2015!” well this is the simplest, many have even said, “Good bye 2014, hello 2015!” that made 2014 cry, I can feel it.

What I am here to say, is that, this 2014 was not bad… it finally made us realize our faults and our gaping holes in our systems. Think of it like, the 1st January 2014, people around the world were saying “May this year bring harmony and peace to all of your!” and what were we even doing? Most of us, were developing weapons, writing theoretical bombs and most of us were trying to perform our own ritual to make our God happy, to make sure we’re having a true religion, obviously a lot of true religions. So, how would we even believe that our year would bring peace and harmony. “Pen is mightier than sword”, how would it be mightier, when it is trying to write alogrithm to create a bomb?

2015, I have no blame for you, I know you’re going to be a next year for us to focus on our own goal and what we were created for. 2014, you’ve been really harsh on us. I know, it was also our fault, human is to err, no, human is to err and blame others. Hopefully, when we err this time we won’t blame others instead we would change our own self. Finally, “Happy new year fellows!” may you have a great year, to celebrate your life, to prove yourself, to do what you want and to bring peace and harmony! No pun intended.

Better the product, worse the API and vice versa

Well, since I have started to program out codes, I have always been finding it difficult to build a better software. The better I had to develop a software the worse API I had to go through, take example of JSON, now I do know how to develop application based on JSON. When I started to learn it, it was a hard time. And now that I can develop applications, I don’t feel or get any better idea.

There is an inverse square law acting among these two things, and one needs to be working on an idea, make the pseudo code for it. Save it, put it in a locker and keep it there until you learn the API itself. Sorry for exaggeration; but I need to do this, I am a Walter Mitty, whoops, I meant to say James Thurber.

Take example of Google, they’re having a great tool and are ruling the mobile world with it, Android. However, since they’re using Java and Eclipse their development isn’t my choice. I don’t mean any hatred toward Java developers, yes I do love Java. But their API is not well designed and their tool is also not much of a love. I started my first GUI software using Java, Swing. But it was worst I could do! Then I got introduced to XAML. I did love C#, but was not able to develop applications using C# that had a GUI. When I got introduced to XAML, it was a kink for me. And I left Java and Eclipse like for ever.

This is based on my own belief only, I am sure there are others out there, who love Java and Android way more they do Windows Phone (and hey, I love Android, not Windows Phone; I just love C#).

Our great Education System | Pakistan

We are a nation, where we belive in supporting the Students and we do support our students. How? By giving away Laptops to young boys and girls so that they can chat on Facebook. But we don’t support out students, to get better information provided to them right away when they need it. Yes, I mean to say, Government must order all the Networks to support WikiPedia, Google Dictionary and some other Educative websites to be free from all the Data charges. In this way, no matter student has resources or not, he can access the information any time he needs it.

Secondly, our syllabus thing. Well, we should stop making fun of Mr. Pharoah for being too old now I guess! Because our syllabus is as Old as anything can be, but is as much vast that nobody can learn it all or even understand it. I remember, trying to learn the 14 points of Quaid, which I am still trying to learn. But I can’t because no body ever made me understand what they were they just asked me to cram it all so that I can write them in the Exam’s answer sheet. This thing should be changed, the Syllabus must be enshortened to almost 3/4th of the current Syllabus but at the same time this 3/4th must be taught as they had to be fed up with it.

Third thing is the old manner of the teachers teaching method. My younger brother, Daniyal, goes to study in a government school. Which shouldn’t be a shame for anyone here. He is taught just the way I was taught and no other extra curricular activity is provided to him. Similarly, they’re not being fed the information they need, they’re just asked to cram the books and the words written. My brother, doesn’t even know what is Embedded Computer, but knows how Android OS works. Why I’m saying all this is because he really needs to be taught the way he wants the education. Education must be a fun and entertainment for the students, rather than being a duty to them.

Fourth and last thing that I have noticed as the difference in us and other communities is very sluggish I should say. In my Matriculation level and Intermediate, I was told never to read the Qoutive text shown on the question but to just read the Equation and implement its usage and write the answer. Whereas other communites force their students and new-learners to read whole of the text of the statement provided. Which is a +1 point for the other communities. This way, students IQ level can be betterified by giving him and extra time for 1 minute which he can use in Reading, understanding, learning, implementing.

These things make us count ourself in the communities who are stupid enough to ruin the creativity of their students. Instead of helping them in studies we force them; no, really, we force them to deny what they are capable of. Providing a student with a Laptop isn’t helping. Providing him with the Content and quotation that would help him gain some knowledge is helpfull. Which in turn, once again, is the same as Setting no Data charges on WikiPedia, Google Dictionary and all other services. Using these, we can easily notice that we’re not paying even the minimum attention to our Education System instead we’re just trying to skip what it really needs. We really need to fix all the gaping holes in this system.

I think its time for an update

I created the vboard many months ago, since then I was busy developing other stuff and I really think, its time to give out an update to that plugin. Because even I don’t like it now this way. So I have some of the UI ideas in my mind which I am going to apply to it and use them as the basic building blocks for my plugin.

What I think of doing, is to create 2 layouts. Yes, 2 layouts. Which you guys actually are aware of already.

  1. Android OS touch keyboard
  2. Windows 8 OS touch keyboard

These would be the 2 layouts that would be implemented in the update, and you can have source code for each of the keyboard that you like.

Plus I would add some more features and styles to the keyboard. I would try to add some of the most used smileys as a single-click-smiley-addition feature, like in some keyboards. Also, a submit button if you’re on the last input field.

You can get this update soon from the GitHub account of mine, or the VS Organisation’s account. Let’s hope for good!

What is it to be a Software Engineer | Atleast for me!

I always find my friends shouting out and feeling proud for being a Software engineer; whether they’re or not a software engineer. Sometimes I get sick of this fucked up kinda way of speech. Because they don’t even know what its like to be a Software engineer, or what we call a Programmer in Pakistan. Actually this term is old now, and we should start using the innovative term ‘Software Developer’. It looks neat and clean and somewhat sexy!

However, the topic was. What is it like to be a software developer? 

Actually it is the most fucked up thing to be in the whole of the employment careers history. When you’re a Software engineer, you’re not the admin of the world or even yourself. Your the person on whom everyone is depending. Not in a way that they breathe on your permission. But in a way that they order you to do work for them.

I have a little knowledge of some programming languages. So, my friends and colleagues and family are always looking for me to do their coding work. This is what it feels like to be a developer

  1. It feels like you don’t have a life.
  2. It feels like no one gives a fuck about your products, your softwares. All they care about is their work being done!
  3. No one praises you for learning or creating a new plugin. They care about is being provided with a plugin that they need at the moment. 
    I remember, when I created a Virtual Keyboard, no one patted on my back or gave me a thumbs up. Because they weren’t in a need of it. But when I created a messaging app, to punch back an annoying friend. They for the very first time accepted me as a Software Developer! (Wow, no really a Wow!).
  4. I feel like I am trapped in my own world, and people are talking in the form of 01101001; I can’t understand what they’re saying! 😀
  5. I feel like what I’m trying to do, can change the way people used to do work before that plugin or software.

So, I just want to tell my friends that being a software developer isn’t a badge or a medal that you can wear and show off. It is a hell job. You can’t even imagine how much a person’s life is disturbed in becoming a Developer. How much a person’s paradigm is shifted to the verge of going insane. How much a person misses the way an ordinary person spends his time with his friends and family. 

Please, let Software Developers live in their own way and their own Kingdom! Don’t even try to enter it without their consent. They’ll code the fuck out of you bitches!

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