Hello there!

I am a teenage boy, well of course I am teen at the very moment. I don’t know I would be teen at the instance that you’re trying to read this page! I was born in ’95, so count it up!

I have a very friendly family, and a family-like friendship with buddies. I have no issues with anyone, maybe because I don’t want to criticize; but I criticize people a lot.

I am a student of Bachelors in Computer Science; trust me, its not an easy subject. I like programming; urgh, I myself hate this word ‘programmer’ huh we should .replace() it by ‘developer’, more like

String iAm = "Programmer";
String iAmA = iAm.replace("Programmer", "Developer");
System.out.print(iAmA); // Java!

Hehe, everything in my mind is in the format of code! I encode and decode food, I encapsulate Oxygen, and sometimes I inherit my family!

I love helping people to code, I am just a little bit good in English; just a little bit. I write some of the content that is in my mind! I try to get all the words on my chest off, onto a blog page. To be noted here, I hate writing with my hands, they get tired soon, but I like to move my fingers while writing a software!

I like Windows OS for Desktop, and Android OS is my preference for mobile phone. Java language is my favourite software development language. For Web development, I like ASP.NET, Web Pages on Razor view engine.


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  1. Hello, Afzaal

    Good day!

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