Another good library for developers — Easy solution

Today, I am happy to share the blog about a .NET library for developers that enables them to create documents in different formats for office and online use. Spire.Doc library is a library for developers trying to solve the interoperability problems with Microsoft Word, PDF, Rich Text Format and HTML format. It was a very amazing library as I went through it and the developer of library has provided a very efficient solution for the API guide along with the product itself.

I have written the review for the API and provided a simple, but a very general example of the usage that a developer can try out, in their applications, for dynamically generating the PDF file and sending it to client. Perhaps, I missed most of the things about the term dynamic in the review post. But, you know… You can always add variables instead of hard-coded strings and objects. Among review, I have provided a couple of scenarios in which the API is very much useful,

  1. Converting documents from one format to another
  2. Reading existing document, or making changes to them
  3. Generating documents on run-time
  4. Sending dynamically created office format files to potential clients
  5. Many more

So, read my review at: [Review] Spire.Doc .NET library for cross-file format document creation and share it with your friends also if they are new to this library, or are still wasting their time thinking what to do and how to solve the interoperability problem with Microsoft office and other file formats. I have provided most of the information bundled into sections. If you find a part missing, or faulty, do hit me with a comment reply. I would look into it.

I will post more stuff for developers, soon!


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