I think its time for an update

I created the vboard many months ago, since then I was busy developing other stuff and I really think, its time to give out an update to that plugin. Because even I don’t like it now this way. So I have some of the UI ideas in my mind which I am going to apply to it and use them as the basic building blocks for my plugin.

What I think of doing, is to create 2 layouts. Yes, 2 layouts. Which you guys actually are aware of already.

  1. Android OS touch keyboard
  2. Windows 8 OS touch keyboard

These would be the 2 layouts that would be implemented in the update, and you can have source code for each of the keyboard that you like.

Plus I would add some more features and styles to the keyboard. I would try to add some of the most used smileys as a single-click-smiley-addition feature, like in some keyboards. Also, a submit button if you’re on the last input field.

You can get this update soon from the GitHub account of mine, or the VS Organisation’s account. Let’s hope for good!


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