Once I get free from this project | What to do

Nowadays, I am busy in developing a project. Well to be honest it’s on my nerves already. Once I get free from this project. I would start trying some exercises to betterify my logical skills.

I would develop atleast 3 apps in a week. One would be for my Android Phone. Second would be in C++ just for the sake of refreshment.

The third and last would be in Java, my favourite programming language. Then I would continue my work in ASP.NET and would remove all the bugs that were present in the VBoard project, that was shared publicly under The VS Org. 

Moreover, I would be helping out some other developers earning some rep and further more, I would try to develop some enterprise level softwares too. For that, I would be using ASP.NET and sometimes I would develop Windows 8.x apps using HTML, CSS, jQuery (Although JavaScript was allowed, but I used a plugin and converted it to jQuery). 

I will post the code for that on github for download and usage, or I would teach others how to do that. 


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