What one requires to be an inventor | Software Developer

I listen to my fellows saying they’re the software engineers. Some saying they created a game by editing the source code of the Award Winning game series Grand Theft Auto and then turning it into a local city’s crisis game and blah and blah and blah, wait one more blah. But I can it in their face, the fear of getting questioned for What language was the code written in? What were the changes that you made and how? What is the DirectX usage in it? They would get their hairs ripped off by their own hands I swear.

I’m a software developer but I confess I know nothing about a programming language, all that I know is that all methods have to return a value in the data type of what it was set it to be unless its data type is set to void data type. But wait, what do I need to create a new software or a new item for the public to love my art, my level of skill? It isn’t the Visual Studio for developing the software, it isn’t the version of the programming level used in the process.

Actually it is the main idea, or the theme of the project. The innovation used for that project. The basic idea of how it would help you and others whereas it would leave behind other softwares of its own kind. That is the thing that leads us to a new invention. OS are of many kinds and before Windows ever got developed, there were many command-link OSs in the market and were being used up. Why did Bill Gates develop Windows? What made him believe that he can create something different?

It was that idea, that theme that he had at that time when he was about to develop the Windows. Not the programming environment, what we call SDK (Software Development Kit).


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