Walk on your own path, and let fame follow you.

We have heard alot about Einstein, Newton, let’s skip it and talk about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Lary Page. You guys must know about that even better than Newton. Really, who wants to read and learn Physics when you can learn programming language in a simple and easy way. But, have you ever tried paying some time to read about their life cycle instead of the net worth? I am sure you never had even thought of doing so. Why? Because all we people are interested in is the money. 

But, Mr. Bill Gates (richest person on Earth as per March, 2014) did try his best to learn the Computer and its working technique when he was just 15 – 16 years old child in his school-college Library. At just 13 he knew what Lisp is, what FORTRAN is, what Machine Language (nightmare for the new generation of developers) is. Mark, founder of Facebook, youngest billionare, invented a chat for himself to talk to his dad at his Dental clinic. Lary page, founded Google as a project for his Ph.D. There are many other examples for us in our daily life. They never thought of being famous, they never talked about money. They did what they liked and then they got it all in their hands. They walked their way, fame followed them. 

We people on the other hand, are following the way fame is walking on. I would definitely count myself in this group. We people, when write a simple program to execute and show a ‘Hello World!’ message on screen, we brag in happiness. But, is that it? The main thing we people should worry about while doing something should be how are we going to help our fellows by this? Microsoft is helping out other people in many ways, I; as a developer, am being helped by them in source code, I get a lot of help from them in every aspect. Their software development tools, their social work. 

Facebook, connecting people at every corner of the globe. Google, helping people gain knowledge. Mr. Julian Assange, co-founded WikiMedia project to help people get all information in one place. Jeff Atwood, developed Stack Overflow just to help his fellow developers get help in their buggy code. 

That’s the path of success. They got fame when they didn’t want it in the first place. All they were doing was what they wanted to do, not what fame needed in them. 

The first thing we should do must be to take a note on what and how’s our work gonna help others. Newton, when apple fell on his could have eaten it up, but, he tried to find out why did apple fall on him, Ironically: Maybe trying to tell people not to sleep under an apple tree, who might get hurt sometime. 


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