Why discoveries are rare now adays

We have read alot about the discoveries of our ancestors and their fellow beings. But what happened now? Where has all that ancestral spirit gone?

The main thing nowadays is media, we people don’t try to make up some ideas or some new stuff for benefit of others. We just create objects to get fame. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook (theFacebook at that time) because that was the idea of his own to let his fellows talk to each other and to come to know to each other. It got perfect applause.

Nowadays, young boys try to create something newFacebook, just to try to get fame among the girls on their block. But, hehe, who knows they’re not getting something. They just want to come up onto Media, and try to tell how much hard work it was to build (steal the source code for, buy the source code from a website for, hire a freelancer for) that one particular website.

But generally the only thing they need to do, is to get educated. Once a person has enough knowledge about what he is doing or what he is trying to build, he would be helpfull for people. He might try to do that on scientific ways.

  1. Observe their environment. Look for what is missing here
  2. Note it down, and make a certain criteria of what can be done here to make it easy to handle.
  3. Try some of the Models around. Try getting some idea from the previous inventions.
  4. Make something of your own.
  5. Test it! If it works, then let people know of it. People would help you earn rep, don’t try to earn rep for unusefull objects.

I am pretty much sure, that’s the path NewtonEinsteinIbn-al-Haitham used. Now, they might have long gone, but their names are still alive more than our own name.


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