Boring is – staying at home

I had holidays of 3 days, but on the third day I thought of going out. But, today (third day) I got up when the van left. Now, voila! I am at home.

But, I am missing friends. I counted days to go back to university and college, and today I just kept on sleeping.

Today I came to know one thing afterall, no matter how much you hate school, college, university or your academy or institute. You will always miss the fun you have in them.


Web CMS – ‘VMS’

I am going to develop a new CMS. It would be available soon for public use. Here are the ideas that are currently in my mind.

  1. Name: VMS
  2. Availability: Public

What I think, of providing is something like the following: 

  1. User roles

    Creating user profiles, giving them permissions to create new users, delete users, edit and delete the user permissions (Admin level only)
  2. Pages

    Letting the users create pages, set privacy to them, delete and modify the pages. 

    Users will be able to see the pages, and comment on them. Owners and Admins will be able to delete or modify the comments or the pages if required.

  3. Authorized access

    Using the user’s credentials, letting them to surf the website. At the same time, letting the Admins to control where a number of users can go to and where they are not allowed to. 

  4. Multimedia

    Letting the users to add media content to the site. Viewing and downloading would be provided, Admins and owners would be allowed to delete the content.

This is what I have for now, I would like to get comments on what can be added to this CMS app. Please provide some information for that and some more suggestions that can be worked on this project. 


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