Girls loose your weight untill you become weightless!

Many girls like to loose their body weight, specially mine. Well she is a bit angry to me tonight, but hehe I will make her happy tonight somehow. This note is truly and sincerely dedicated to her.

I want to mention the girls who like to loose their body weight and want to maintain their figure, try to stay on a diet, never have a heavy meal, go for a walk; sorry it was a running campaign not even a simple morning walk. She doesn’t eat heavy food, thinking she is getting fat; or that she is fat, she tells me that is on diet just because she wants to fit in a perfect costume when I go to meet her.

Oh c’mon! Its not how its gonna work. I loved you because of your feelings, a true love never involves bodily love, it includes feelings, emotions and trust. I do respect your feelings, I have love for your emotions and I trust you. Isn’t this what a girl expects from her partner? I guess this is it.

Second thing is, when girls try to go perfect or a dream girl, do they skip the terror of break up? Well actually they can’t skip this nightmare, I have seen many girls, who have a perfect body, their weight would not be more than 45KG; yes, just 45KG. They had a perfect figure, but they were still left over after usage! He he he. Funny isn’t it? Well actually it ain’t funny.

I just can’t judge why a girl is so much worrying about her physique, when she don’t even have right on it. Not to be romantic or flirty, but hehe once she has fallen in love, its him to tell her what to do, and its her at the same time to tell him what to do, why do we call a girl and a boy after being a couple two wheels who run a vehicle, not because they are doing everything on their own, but because they are trying to do one thing together. Just this way, a girl should always listen to his boy, and girl, you don’t listen to me when I’m saying I love you just they way you are. You’re always trying to tell me I’m not worthy of telling to you do something! Is this fair? It ain’t! 

If a girl just wants to make her boy friend happy by being a slim and sexy female. Then trust me, your boy will leave you for no reason just because he loved your body and not who the fuck were you. Your body would never have the same shine and freshnes like it has now. So please, stop giving a fuck about it, and pay attention on what he is saying to you rather than just listening to your class mates or by seeing other slim girls!

If you see a healthy boy who has pink cheeks, you should not start slapping yourself just to get that shade on your cheeks too! Huh, this simple thing you girls just don’t understand. Please eat fully, you need to have nutritions, you need to have rest, you need to take a good care of your body, you need to be clean and healthy rather than dieting for no reason. Please!



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