Are women the main character to be blamed?

I listen to many speeches about women from my class fellows! Some say, there are 3 males for each female, whom she drives to hell. Some say, women are the root to every sin. Some say if there were no women there would have been no fight no issue no trouble.

But, are they the main reason? 

Hehe ask me, and I would answer, no they ain’t! It us; the males. 

No woman is born to be a prostitute, no woman wants here daughter to be killed while she is pregnant with a daughter. Similarly, lets talk about the positive things only, lets just take prostitution, murder, rape all these things out of our minds for a second. 

Lets talk about the positive ones, ummm lets take the example of daily life. In our daily life, I see people around me; well I go to my college in a van, in which there are some girls too. While staring out from window, I can see each and every male staring in our van rather than paying attention to their own job. There are females in west too, but they don’t stare at them leaving their jobs behind. But, in our society we do. Why? Don’t know hehe; it must be a question to a psychologist man! 

Maybe it is in our psyche to sin first, then blame it on her! Because she don’t have rights. 

We people think and are sure about this sentence:

Islam gave women their rights in society, and removed the basic and general difference between male and female.

Well, ummm really? Is it removed? 

I am sure it was, but its back again. We boys; of course the youth, keep atleast 10 girlfriends; not lieing its for true, but at the same time, we want no girl to talk with any other boy if she is commited to us. 

We; boys, go out at night in shorts, and ummm have you ever seen any, I mean any girl who stares at a boy with her friends and then whispers, “Hey look, a sexy boy! I wish I could get his number. Darn he’s hot!“. But hehe lets take the example of us; the Mighty Boys. We see a girl afterward, but shout this shit first:

Hey look at that bitch, hot legs man! I just want her in my lap“.

Isn’t it this way? Then again, who the hell wants to blame it on us? Only because no one got the guts to stop the boy but every one has the guts to slap the female! Only because she doesn’t react.

It doesn’t matter for a boy whether if the girl is in cultural dress; shalwar kameez, or in jeans top, or in a t-shirt and skirt. A boy’s definition in this era would be:

Any one who is meant to harass a female, regardless aged, young, teen or adult is called a boy.

Oh c’mon, why call me a gay? This is true and I have just pointed out this one aspect when boys try to be of double standards. There are many other points which I would have used, but I didn’t. I don’t want, and I won’t.


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