Incredible India!

My trip to India made me believe in the sentence:

“Incredible India!”

India is really incredible, their culture, their heritage, their love, their friendship and their hatred. Their patriotism and their madness. Everything was amazing. 

When I entered India, obviously through Border, the immigration office and customs area was a great view (although it isn’t a great view for many passengers). I was still sensing like I am at Home! They were really helping and friendly people at the border, then moving on to my destination, everywhere I saw was just greenery and farms, Punjab is well known for it green fields and the glass of Lassi; I was not provided with a glass of Lassi I missed that part and so do I regret it.

The great thing that I saw in India was everyone showing his/her love for their country, busses were written over with the motto

“I love my India” – and there was a portrait of Indian flag following the text of the qoute. This scene almost amazed me as well as it shocked me too since there is no bus, no car, no one and no thing that has something written I love my Pakistan. Which is a sad fact for us.

We entered and they welcomed us, it was an evening of December but the welcome was warm enough to replace the coldness. India is a Hindu country (as known in the social studies books, historical magazines and newspapers) but no one knows that inside their country, no one has right to stop other from their religious rituals; which is a plus point for India. When we entered, the first welcome was the welcome not from any Muslim group, but from the Sikhs, which was unbelievable for us at that time but it was for real. The Sikh people were welcoming us to their ground; even though my mom asked me to see there is a wine shop hehe but that doesn’t matter, does it? Later we went to our rest rooms and we were served with food. 

Later day, when I moved out to march for some recreation, I met many Indians, who showed not even a single sign of hatred toward my religion, nationality, color, race or anything. There were women among the men, helping their husbands on the road-side hotels; in India – Pakistan well known as Dhaaba. Females helping their males can’t be and can never be seen in Pakistan, even though it is a great way of helping each other. Frankness of Indian people – their urge to help their Pakistani fellows was a great example in these days. 

What else could I share here? I know that one qoutation

“Love is in the air”.

In India, I was sensing freedom in air which made the environment a bit more romantic, maybe because it’s my in-law’s country too. This would be revealed soon why! But, I really enjoyed it there in the foreign land, I am wondering to go back to India once again and meet the people of India! 

Now since I am in my own Country, I am not able to see any type of patriotism, I am not able to sense freedom anymore. I am not able to see how we love our homeland?

Here in Pakistan, patriotism either means to paint your face with green and white color and roam in 100+ speed on motor bikes, or there is no such word in our Dictionary. We are fighting for our religions saying I am true, regardless of searching for the answer of Who actually is true? We are murdering, raping, kidnapping. But still we have a motto:

“Pakistan is the best country, free of fights, free of hatred, free of religios hate”

On one side, it is Incredible India and on the other hand, there is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. My question is, did Quaid really named this land like that? Or was it just Pakistan?


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