Microsoft is always one step, two step, seven steps ahead of you!

I am not a all-time Microsoft fan, but there are some things, that I should accept. 

Microsoft will always be ahead of all of other internet or software giants.

No matter what you think you might know, we will always be one step, three step, seven steps ahead of you, and just when you think you’re catching up, that’s when we’ll be right behind you. And in no time, you’ll be no where than exactly where I want you to be, so come close, get all over me, because the closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see. – Now You See Me!

This is what Microsoft is having as its Qoute for all other companies.

Lets start talking about, why? Why did I start this post, I mean I am not an employee for either of the companies, so why did I start this.

The User Interface changes made me write this post. 

Microsoft presented some cool visual effects in Windows XP, and then in Windows Vista, while Mark did not have had the Breakup which was the cause of the Facebook, and Google was still using the default styles. Tumblr had no signs of existence.

Then when they were born, Mirosoft presented Windows 7, which was a killer OS. However some of its features were already presented in Vista, like Aero effects, Windows 7 had 3D effects and some Gradients to work with, and to make the user feel like the click events are happening on the screen. Google then tried its best to create such buttons, which are still being used there in Gmail, Google Plus!

Now came the time for the Windows 8. Which was rumoured alot, of being extra transparent and this and that. From which none of them were true. Windows 8 had less transparency but cool aero effects(which more importantly isn’t very cool at all). Windows 8 had less gradients and less 3D-ish styles.  Which inturn, forced Google and Facebook and specially Tumblr. to change there layout too. Today when I went to I realized how much all the social giants are impressed by Microsoft. 

You should also go there, and checkout how much of Microsoft’s themes they are using. 

Well, here I should say, Microsoft was, is, and will be the best product! 


Here is the plugin!

Please send me some feedback 🙂

The VS Organisation

hey guys, I hope you didn’t have to wait much.

here is the link to the plugin:

Go there and get the free plugin, but don’t forget to give me the feedback of what and where it crashes!

I will try to fix them all in the next updates.

Well you might want to know one thing, if your website is ASP.NET then just use Copy/Paste but if its some other language, then you might want to remove the @(“@”) block from it, just for the UI! Because ASP.NET would read that as @ only.

Hey, if you just want to test my keyboard, just go to and try to click on any of the input there. You will get the keyboard! Give it a try.


  1. It supports the UI of the site you run, so don’t worry about the fonts and their size!
  2. It has a…

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Working with jQuery was never so tough!

I never thought that working with jQuery would be so hard for me, I used simple events such as `click`, `hover` etc. But now that I am creating a plugin for Virtual Keyboard, which will be available for you all for free soon, its like a hell!

I have to write the code, make it to work, then get the error and fix it.

Phuf! 😀

Just need your prayers and well wishes 🙂 

Thanks, maniac.

Now I am gonna love my Noir A8.

I was first having 4.1.1 in my Qmobile noir a8, so that was not a better rom! I had to change my cellphone, I bought a new A500 from same manufacturer.

But today I installed 4.2.2 in my previous phone, so now I am loving it! Believe me, I am lovin’ it. I had a thought of selling it first, but now! Get away from my phone 😡

PTA must have blocked wordpress too

I was trying to get the posts of wordpress via wifi and I was just getting the same error ‘Cannot load posts’ I though its a 500.

But now from my cellular I can easily load the posts and guess what I am going to post this update via cellular too.

That gives just one guess, ‘wordpress is blocked’. But where is blasphamy content? Can we know?

Never get tired!

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